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Anthology TV series explores dozens of inspiring stories
"Faith Makes Great," an anthology TV series, recounts 40 stories of outstanding people from over the past 100 years, who advocated noble ideals and made important contributions to China's development.
Cultural events of the week: August 2-8
Three events you won't want to miss this week: a famous Chinese painter's retrospective, and two stage plays – one adapted from a famous Russian writer and another starring three well-known Chinese actors.
'Upcoming Summer' offers special youth story
In a gay summer studded by growth, romance and young aspiration, Leste Chen's "Upcoming Summer" is something fresh on the big screen.
Pop megastar Kris Wu detained over rape allegation
News of Beijing police arresting Canadian-Chinese pop idol Kris Wu on suspicion of rape charges quickly went viral on China's internet, as the star’s once-lauded career is now all but doomed.
TV series 'The Rebel' resonates with young people
Experts agreed that the "The Rebel" has touched the hearts of China's young generation while innovating ways to tell revolutionary stories.
Benny Chan's last action film 'explosive'
The late filmmaker Benny Chan's final directorial effort, "Raging Fire," is quite as explosive as critics say, while his peers and collaborators shed tears at the film's premiere on July 28.
?Ryuichi Sakamoto: 'Seeing Sound, Hearing Time'
The largest-ever exhibition by famous Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto is currently on display in Beijing. The works represent a comprehensive experience of Sakamoto's worldview, combining sound, video and space.
Cultural events of the week: July 26 - August 1
Three events you won't want to miss this week: a famous Chinese painter's retrospective, a dance drama calling for environmental protection, and one of the "Top 10 Performance Art Works" in Guizhou.
'White Snake 2' reinterprets a classic
The new animated feature drawn from one of China's most iconic while traditional mythological legends provides a new representation of how modern independent women define their destiny.
TV series portrays ordinary heroes in new era
A seminar held in Beijing on Monday praised a smash hit TV series based on ordinary heroes in the new era.
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