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China Photos ??

2021 New Growth Drivers Fair opens

Themed "New Pattern, New Growth Drivers, New Opportunity", the 2021 New Growth Drivers Fair (Qingdao) kicked off in Qingdao on Thursday.

World Photos ??

Ambassador visits Pakistan blast survivors

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong visited the injured Chinese nationals from a blast at the Combined Military Hospital in Rawalpindi on Wednesday night.

Entertainment Photos ??

Drone light show marks 44th WHC

1,500 drones performed a high-altitude light show over the Minjiang River to greet the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee.

Odd Photos ??

Rare shimmering ibises spotted in Hubei

Glossy ibises — elegant, iridescent birds whose feathers flash different colors as the angle of light changes — have been spotted at an agricultural base in Hubei province.