Top Opinion Stories China Internet Information Center zh-cn Copyright - <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> The Belt and Road Initiative can play an important role as humanity faces the daunting challenge of ensuring security and economic development. By Zhou Luming Editor's Pick 2021-09-07 09:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> With supply chains and the transport of goods severely impacted by COVID-19, projects such as the new China-Myanmar corridor have become vital to ensuring the flow of commerce. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-09-06 12:06:19 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> The practicing of hegemony and power politics by the United States only leads to greater division, chaos and tragedy in the world, rather than peace and stability. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-09-03 10:04:55 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Balance and moderation are vital when it comes to the issue of preventing minors from falling into the pitfalls of online game addiction. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-09-02 10:07:38 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Given the daunting challenge of climate change, every country needs to fulfill their responsibilities and work to ensure that international cooperation progresses smoothly. By George N. Tzogopoulos George N. Tzogopoulos 2021-09-01 16:15:54 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> The American press and political elites agree that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was a mistake, but are career and business interests clouding their judgment? By Mitchell Blatt Mitchell Blatt 2021-08-25 14:08:29 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> China's rail network allowed travelers to fulfil their dreams of adventure. But its real value is in how it helps make life easier for everybody. By Mitchell Blatt Mitchell Blatt 2021-08-21 09:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Over the past few weeks, China has battled the spread of the Delta variant, but this should not put China's recovery in doubt. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-08-19 09:39:03 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> The past couple of weeks has seen the Taliban sweep across Afghanistan, entering the capital Kabul on Aug. 15. Hopefully, Afghanistan will see the Taliban's rule begin after a peaceful transition. By Jin Liangxiang Jin Liangxiang 2021-08-18 12:31:06 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> As demonstrated by China's rise in world university rankings, its higher education sector continues to improve and will play a pivotal role in boosting future economic growth. By Eugene Clark Eugene Clark 2021-08-16 10:39:16 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> In the wake of the latest wave caused by the highly contagious Delta variant, China's unyielding resolve will bring the virus under control as soon as possible. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-08-07 09:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> As the highly contagious Delta variant continues to spread across the United States, the anti-science culture and conspiracy theories there are prolonging the tragic loss of life. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-08-04 10:16:55 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> A meeting between Chinese and U.S. officials last week was described by commentators as constituting an "ossification" of a deepening rivalry between the two powers. But is the U.S.-China relationship doomed to fail? By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-08-02 09:10:34 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> In face of the growing threat of "pandemic burnout," it is all the more important for every individual to keep up with the courage and work hand in hand to combat the uncertainties. By Mathew Wong Editor's Pick 2021-07-31 10:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> China's recent regulation on after-school private tutoring and classes shows its resolve to make this sector non-profit so as to ease the burden on parents and children. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-07-28 14:22:20 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> With the Republic of Cyprus valuing China's international role, new steps to cement the bilateral ties during this special 50th anniversary year seem inevitable. By George N. Tzogopoulos George N. Tzogopoulos 2021-07-29 10:31:41 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Asia's prosperity, wellbeing and recovery involves working together. Only by collaborating more openly as a region with a shared future can this vast area prosper. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-07-23 09:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> China's progress in space technology will enable it to further contribute to the joint exploration of the mysterious universe by human beings. By George N. Tzogopoulos George N. Tzogopoulos 2021-07-22 09:55:07 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> The British government's decision to lift all its COVID-19 restrictions on July 19 is quite reckless and could lead to new deadly variants. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-07-18 12:48:09 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> A glossy media narrative celebrating the economic recovery of the United States conceals the horrific human cost. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-07-15 12:14:50 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Despite differences, the EU-China relationship will continue to be defined by diplomacy as opposed to confrontation. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-07-14 09:50:31 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Despite some challenges, it is still important to deepen Sino-UK economic ties and have a stable bilateral relationship. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-07-13 13:34:07 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> With the release of a white paper on the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port last month, the island province is positioning itself as an important window for China's further opening up. By Mathew Wong Editor's Pick 2021-07-07 09:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Over the past 100 years, the CPC has been responsible for leading by far the greatest improvement in the conditions of the greatest proportion of humanity in history. By John Ross John Ross 2021-07-02 13:43:01 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Since the founding of the CPC a century ago, there have been many significant achievements which laid foundations for China's development of a modern industrial society. By Robert Griffiths Robert Griffiths 2021-06-29 12:31:43 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> With the inauguration of China's new space station, the prospects for human space exploration look bright despite a number of challenges. By Richard de Grijs Richard de Grijs 2021-07-01 10:27:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> With the aim of promoting common development and economic integration ?especially among global south countries ?the BRI is crucial for spearheading post-pandemic recovery around the world. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-06-26 09:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> China has reached an immense landmark of administering over 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine shots. It shows the world the country's determination and efforts to accelerate its pace of vaccination drive to ultimately achieve herd immunity. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-06-23 11:00:59 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> The SCO, with an important role in safeguarding regional peace and stability over the past two decades, is moving forward to promote economic and cultural cooperation in Eurasia for common development and prosperity. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-06-19 09:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> NATO was set up as an institution designed to promote stability in Western Europe. However, now, under American urging, it is promoting the idea of a "China threat" that is totally irrelevant. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-06-18 09:48:18 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> At such a critical moment, humanity should work together to defeat COVID-19, and strive for a more resilient global health system which can protect the lives of future generations. By Zhou Luming Editor's Pick 2021-06-16 09:49:32 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Despite having a long way to go, the HarmonyOS operating system is not going to be a "flash in the pan" but will instead gradually place itself at the heart of China's own digital economy and likely provide an alternative for global consumers. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-06-09 15:54:32 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> China has announced a new policy of allowing couples to have three children in a bid to cope with the demographic challenge of an aging population, requiring fundamental changes across the board. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-06-07 15:33:55 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> The WHO's green light to a second Chinese vaccine will help address access inequality, and further boost the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-06-03 15:50:50 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Despite occasional turbulence and differences, both China and Europe hope for peace and prosperity. Good Sino-European relations will be beneficial for people in China, Europe and across the globe. By George N. Tzogopoulos George N. Tzogopoulos 2021-06-03 10:30:37 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> The development of multiple vaccines, well-organized distribution and an effective information campaign have allowed China to sustain the world's largest vaccination drive, and contribute to the global fight against the pandemic. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-05-31 09:10:20 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Yuan Longping, who developed rice varieties that have alleviated famine in developing countries across Asia and Africa, leaves behind an incredible legacy. By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-05-27 09:29:49 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> Only by working together can the international community and citizens of the world overcome the health crisis caused by COVID-19. By George N. Tzogopoulos George N. Tzogopoulos 2021-05-26 10:24:38 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> ​Despite the frequency of violence between Israel and Palestine, the new round of conflict shows some new features. ​By Jin Liangxiang Jin Liangxiang 2021-05-21 06:00:00 +0800 <Title><![CDATA[TitlePh]]> ​A global shortage in key tech creates delays in the manufacturing of consumer electronics and growing inflation. In the end, it's consumers who will end up having to pay the price for the U.S. weaponizing tech supply chains against China. ​By Tom Fowdy Tom Fowdy 2021-05-21 13:53:27 +0800